Trueplane is a pioneering innovative product that was the first inside-to-inside putting trainer to be widely used on tour. Launched in 2001, it quickly became established as one of the most popular training devices on tour.

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To date, Trueplane has been used by more than 400 tour pros as well as many top coaches. No one is paid to use Trueplane - players and coaches use it because it develops the ideal simple and natural stroke. After getting Trueplane these players have won more than 400 tournaments on the top level tours (and many other events on secondary tours), including 33 wins in Majors - that's more than Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods combined!! Trueplane users have finished top of the putting statistics for the year on the PGA Tour and the European Tour on 21 occasions. They also include three players who have reached number 1 in the world rankings.

By getting Trueplane you can practice in the same way as many of the world's top players. As the pros have found, using Trueplane can lead to fewer putts, lower scores and tournament wins.

Simply slide the heel of the putter along the guide following the black line for the ideal putter path.

There are two easy ways of ensuring the perfect alignment of the putter face:

1. Use the black alignment lines on the base ribs.

Lining up the putter face with the center line makes sure that the putter is always aimed correctly. The other lines show the perfect neutral positions in the backswing and the follow through.

  2. Use the guide rod.

Attach the guide rod onto the putter shaft and then keep both the guide rod and the heel of the putter in contact with Trueplane during the stroke. This automatically ensures perfect putter alignment throughout the stroke.

Trueplane contains:
Trueplane, guide rod, full colour instruction leaflet, carry bag.

Trueplane requires no setting up - simply place it on the floor and line it up with the target. Trueplane can be used indoors or outdoors and the rubber pads on the base provide excellent grip on carpet, artificial turf or grass.

Trueplane can be used with a regular putter, belly putter or long putter and is great for golfers of all standards from beginner to tour pro.

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